Creative Director  – Ava Williamson

lwm ava

Ava joined Lake Wylie Marketing having spent 12 years helping businesses and non-profits reach and communicate with diverse audiences in Chicago. From newspapers to nonprofits with 2 to 100+ employees to Downtown Chicago steakhouses, every company’s’ needs are unique. With experience in marketing, writing, and public relations, she enjoys getting the word out about what you’re doing right, and to the right people. Ava has a degree in Fine Arts and a talent for logos and original graphics.

President and Chief Imagination Officer – Jane DuBois


Jane started DuBois & Company (a website development company) back in 2008 which became Lake Wylie Marketing in 2013. (LWM focuses more on other web marketing – social media marketing, web video, email management etc.)  Lake Wylie Today Magazine became her client in 2009. Her background includes ad agency experience in both San Francisco and Charlotte; plus a long stint in the Software Industry – as a manager then director then business owner. Her interests always leaned more toward the marketing/advertising end of the business and led her to realize her dream of helping other business owners market their companies. According to Jane, “Outbound marketing with Facebook and Instagram is really exciting. You can see results instantly!”