When looking at your current social media management do these words come to mind? Consistent. Relevant. Engaging. Are you building your social media community? Are you using any of the Facebook tools? (Did you know that Facebook rewards you when you use their shiny new apps by sharing your posts even more widely?) Are you making the fatal mistake of posting with a SELL SELL SELL attitude which is absolutely killing your engagement? Social Media management is about strategy and tactics and frankly vision and finesse. Bottom line: you need a sound social media strategy.

Knowing your target demographic and matching it with the right social media vehicle is essential. Instagram and Facebook, for example, have some cross over for sure but for the most part they engage a very different audience.

A well executed social media marketing plan and management can be very effective and can begin working quite quickly – depending on your business type. Ready to talk about it? Contact Jane DuBois or call 704.287.8668.

We have both local and national accounts. Some of our current clients:

Lake Wylie Chamber of Commerce

Clover Community Bank

McSpadden Custom Homes

Lake Wylie Today Magazine

The Wine Shop in Dilworth

The Swankey Beverage Tote

PolyRoot Grow

Doc Marcia Chiropractic

Carolina Counseling Center